historic walking tour

Join us as we delve into the rich tapestry of history which Cambridge has to offer. As we walk you through the university and its famous sites and landmarks your guide will use stories, pictures, and ancient artifacts you can hold to make the history of Cambridge University come to life.

Learn all about the colleges, alumni, traditions and famous pranks and quirks which have made this one of the most famous establishments in the world.

Come and ‘Step into Cambridge!’


Private walking tours

We also cater to private groups, a great option for families and groups who want something a little extra special. We can really cater to your wants and needs, go at your own pace and focus on the history or the ridiculous, but true, stories!

Your group will also have private access to our ancient artifact collection, all of which have a special connection to Cambridge and the University.

Hold history in your hand!

What to expect on your tour

You will see a huge amount on your tour of Cambridge University. Including the most famous Colleges of Cambridge; Kings College, St Johns College, and Trinity College. Along with the Colleges which are slightly off the beaten track; Pembroke College, Peterhouse (the first-ever College in Cambridge), Queens College, Corpus Cristi, St Catherines and Trinity Hall.

The oldest building in Cambridgeshire, a church which was the cradle of the reformation, a pub with many hidden secrets, the oldest active accommodation in Cambridge, haunted buildings and a statue holding a chair leg.

Along with countless churches, stories, and surprises along the way.

You will see finds made by local archaeologists, some nearly 8000 years old, which help to explain the huge amount of history that the city of Cambridge holds as a secret.

Please be prepared for a moderate pace of walking and dress appropriately for the weather.